Why Do Restaurant Websites Suck?

Clearing my head by thinking about something other than work for a few minutes I found myself pondering “Why do restaurant web site suck so much?” Here are some basic rules that seem obvious to me… It has to work on a phone.   Really.  How long has the iPhone been out?  I would have […]

The Future of News: Marc Andreessen Missed a Key Part of the Problem.

Marc Andreessen wrote a really interesting blog post a few weeks ago on the future of the news business. In it he cited three key trends that are changing the way news is produced and consumed: Distribution is going from locked down to completely open; anyone can create and distribute. There is no monetary premium […]

Just WOW, Do Guys Really Think Women Like This?

The behavior documented below, by a male journalist talking to a female source, is amazing, and not in a good way. I mean do guys really beleive, in 2014, think that sort of 60′s Mad Men / xBox 13 year old behavior is appropriate? I try to avoid absolute statements about policy but in this […]

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